3-4 hours: Detailed walking tour dedicated to the Prague Jewish community after WWII

The tour concentrates on the Prague Jews after 1945, their modern history and nowadays life in the Czech capital. The tour takes place outside of the crowded city centre, so a lot of interesting and otherwise hidden Jewish sites will be shown and visited.

What happened to the Holocaust survivors? How were they and their heritage treated during the communist regime? Why is it possible to find 1.500 Czech Toras in synagogues across the world? What Hollywood Jewish movie was filmed in 1982 in Czechoslovakia? How is the Jewish community of Prague organised now - how many Jews are there, is it possible to get Jewish education, use a mikveh or buy kosher food? All of these questions and much more will be answered during this unique Prague tour that no other guide offers. After the tour the saying "rise like a phoenix from the ashes" will get a completely new meaning!

(Jubilee synagogue 150,- CZK, public transportation ticket)

The Jubilee synagogue - Jewish school in Prague - Stolpersteine - The Jewish cemetery at Žižkov - The New Jewish cemetery