Czech souvenirs

13/02/2020 11:45

What are the typical Czech souvenirs? Well, first of all it's the Czech glass and crystal glass - whether it's beads, glasses or even oversized chandeliers. There are several very good companies that even have their factory shops in the city of Prague, so then it's no commision. Then it's the Czech garnets and moldavites (Vltavín) - these precious gemstones are a unique and local jewelry. It's also possible to buy some Czech sweets as the spa wafers (Lázeňské oplatky) or gingerbread (Perníčky). For the little ones, the Little Mole (Krteček) is the right choice. Wooden toys are also great. And music lovers can enjoy a CD with the classical music by the Czech composers like Antonín Dvořák and Bedřich Smetana... Don't hesitate to ask me, so I can point out the good local shops.